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Atlona Management System
Integrate product configuration, management, and updates to reduce installation time

Atlona AT-HDVS-200-TX

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Atlona Management System
Atlona Management System
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Atlona Management System

The Atlona Management System (AMS) is a powerful software resource for select Atlona IP-controllable products in commercial, educational, government and residential environments. It integrates product configuration, management, and updates to reduce installation time and enable remote support. Comprehensive features include: automatic search and detection of Atlona products; device configuration in single or multiple sites; configuration backup, automatic or user-triggered firmware upgrades, and an intuitive graphical user interface. The AMS is based on a distributed architecture where multiple installed AV devices can be managed from a single server. Using the simple, web browser-based user interface, the operator can drill-down from a high-level network view to an individual device. The operator can choose to manage systems either locally (LAN) or from a remote location (WAN). For a listing of Atlona products currently supported by AMS, see below or the Related Products tab.

Scalable Remote Management

The AMS is ideal for use in multi-device AV installations. It is scalable to any size installation. Remote management capabilities of the AMS enable AV technicians to manage, operate and maintain AV systems from anywhere and anytime using a common web browser - requires access to the network on which the server is installed. The AMS will auto-detect installed Atlona devices, retrieve and backup current configurations, copy the configuration of one Atlona device to other, similar devices, and perform firmware upgrades without a technician actually touching the Atlona device. The AMS allows the technician to configure Atlona devices offline and push configurations once the devices are online.


Network management and configuration of Atlona IP-controllable products

  • Hierarchical AV system mapping with System, Site, and Equipment levels. Provides full management, configuration and firmware update capabilities
  • Reduces system configuration time prior to being on-site as well as on location time.. Reduces potential for post-installation site visits

Web-based Graphic User Interface

  • Provides easy-to-use and user-friendly graphical illustration of connections between Atlona equipment. Allows operator to access installed system for configuration, firmware updates and network monitoring using any browser
  • Works with any device that supports web browsers. Reduces learning curve for technicians and operators

Distributed management architecture

  • Provides management capabilities for multisystem and multi-site network systems. Allows operator to drill down from high-level network view to the individual device
  • Streamlines management of Atlona products in a large system

Firmware download management

  • Enables operators to download system-level embedded firmware and to upgrade Atlona devices from a centralized location
  • Simplifies firmware updates and eliminates opportunities for multiple firmware versions on devices in the system

Automatic firmware upgrade

  • Provides ability to automate firmware upgrades including multiple devices simultaneously. Provides firmware update pass/fail report.
  • Ensures all Atlona products are running latest updates

Remote configuration management

  • Performs full configuration backup with ability to map configuration to device MAC address, enables configuration push when replacing units, and offers configuration cloning of similar products
  • Reduces installation time and minimizes configuration issues. Eliminates need for on-site technician to perform firmware updates or disaster recovery.

Automatic Atlona device detection

  • Ability to detect installed Atlona devices with product, model, and IP address information
  • Automates initial set-up of the AMS and eliminates opportunity for incorrect IP addressing


Atlona Management System


Atlona Management System

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Atlona Products
Atlona Management System
Atlona Management System
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